Prime Elite Thermal Cyclers (Techne/Bibby Scientific)

Prime Elite is the new high-performance networkable thermal cycler from Techne. They are equipped as standard with all the latest features including a large colour touchscreen, fast ramp rates, an innovative front-loading PCR plate drawer, automatic non-motorised heated lid, TERS thermal energy recovery system and a unique space-saving, stackable design. Prime Elite and Prime Elite Satellites can be combined to form a two, three or four instrument multi-block format with the Satellites controllable from either a PC or the Prime Elite. Gradient blocks and 4 year warranty are included as standard.

Clever Communications

The Prime Elite thermal cycler connects to 3 satellites via rear facing USB ports. Alternatively, Prime Elite Satellites can be controlled independently via a PC. Cables and software are provided as standard. Prime Elite also contains a front-facing USB port which allows easy program transfer between instruments or via a PC. At least 1000 programs can be stored on each Prime Elite with unlimited storage on USB sticks, ideal for multi-user laboratories. The Prime Elite USB ports also allow free software updates, which are available to download from the Techne website.


Key Features

• Latest 5.7 inch colour touchscreen provides optimal brightness and clarity
• Well-designed intuitive software allows fast and simple program setup
• Three block options are available 96 x 0.2ml, 60 x 0.5ml and 384-well. Each block has gradient capability as standard and can be easily interchanged by the user without the need for special tools
• Fast 5oC/sec ramp rate and low energy consumption is facilitated by TERS, Thermal Energy Recovery System, which stores heat produced from each cooling phase to use in the next heating phase
• A mechanical front-loading plate mechanism operates the heated lid which is brought down onto the PCR tubes or plate with an even 75 newton force to ensure optimum function and minimal evaporation
• Prime Elite is a low noise, high speed, high-throughput, networkable PCR system
• Double, triple and quad PCR machines are created by adding satellites in a space-saving, stackable design. A 4-block system requires only 56cm of bench space
• Front-facing USB port facilitates easy program transfer and software updates
• Rear-facing USB connectivity allows simple networking of instruments
• A powerful processor drives seamless software performance and fast startup
• On-board gradient calculator and Tm calculator
• Advanced electrical power filter improves robustness by smoothing electricity fluctuations
• 4 year warranty as standard

Technical Specification

Sample capacity: 0.2ml


Sample capacity: 0.5ml


Sample capacity: 384-well


Block temperature range

4 to 100°C

Block uniformity (without gradient)

± 0.3°C at 50°C

Temperature accuracy

± 0.2°C at 50°C

Gradient range

10 to 100°C

Maximum gradient


Minimum gradient


Pre-run sample cooling

Yes at 4°C

Maximum heating rate

5.0°C per second

Maximum cooling rate

3.0°C per second

selec table heated lid temperature

35 to 115°C or off

Over-temperature cut-out


Regulated heated lid pressure


Program interface


Maximum number of programs stored


Maximum hold time

99h 59m 59s

Gradient calculator


Incrementaldecremental temperature


Incrementaldecremental time


Password protection


Auto re-start on power failure

Yes, 10m, 30m, 1h, always

Connection to PC control software


Tm primer calculator


Dimensions (L x W x H)

375 x 276 x 312mm




100-230V 50-60Hz





Ordering Information

Product Code



Prime Elite thermal cycler 96 x 0.2ml


Prime Elite thermal cycler 60 x 0.5ml


Prime Elite thermal cycler 384-well


Prime Elite satellite 96 x 0.2ml


Prime Elite satellite 60 x 0.5ml


Prime Elite satellite 384-well


Prime Elite block 96 x 0.2ml


Prime Elite block 60 x 0.5ml


Prime Elite block 384-well

Prime Elite Thermal Cycler 2 Prime Elite Thermal Cycler
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