Alpha Cycler 4 PCRmax


  • Scalable - Chose from any combination of 96 or 384 well blocks
  • Compact - Save precious labspace by condensing four truly independent blocks into one chassis with no networking issues or connectivity concerns
  • Active Sample cooling - For sharper amplification and minimal non-specific amplification
  • Programme Wizard - Generate a protocol specific to your sequence, template source and amplicon length in seconds
  • Gradient - Allowing for simplified temperature optimisation, no matter the block chosen
  • Report generated on run conditions and state following completion of protocol
  • 96/384 well formats - Flexibility for any scale and user needs USB connectivity - To retrieve system information and easily transfer protocols between systems
  • Android driven 10” tablet interface - Quad core speed and excellent connectivity and feel

Technická specifikace:

Format: Quad block
Block Options: 96 or 384 well format (Options: All 96 or all 384, 96 and 3 x 384, 2x 96 and 2x 384, or 3x 96 and 1x 384)
Maximum heating rate: 3.4°C per second
Block temperature range: 10°C to 100°C (4°C final hold)
Block uniformity at 55°C: ± 0.3°C
Temperature accuracy at 55°C: ± 0.25°C
Gradient: Yes (on 96 and 384 blocks)
Maximum Gradient: 29°C
Minimum Gradient: 1°C
Maximum number of programs stored: 1000
Maximum fan noise: 50dB single block running, 55-58db four blocks running
Type: 8 peltier elements
Adjustable heated lid temperature: 35°C to 115°C or off
Heated lid pressure: Adjustable
Program interface: 10” inch HD Android Touchscreen
Data transfer: USB port
Auto re-start on power failure: Yes
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm: 700 x 535 x 330
Weight: 45kg
Voltage: 100-230, 50-60Hz
Power: 1600W
Electricity used in a standard 2 step, 30 cycle program (single block running): c0.3 kWh

pcrmax alpha4
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